Entra Health Systems

Entra Health Systems (EHS) seeks to improve healthcare management through the application of technology. They provide a variety of services within the healthcare industry including patient services automation and chronic disease management. EHS also has a Intellectual Property Marketing solutions branch that bridges the gap between inventor and the healthcare market. Iterative Designs has had the pleasure to work very intimately with EHS on a wide spectrum of projects.

Entra Health Systems was seeking a new, revitalized web presence to express their premier healthcare technology and intellectual property marketing efforts. We worked with them to identify the visual presence and concept that they were seeking and overlaid that design onto an established content management system. This empowers EHS to add, update, and remove content without a middle man, making their web publication process very fluid, natural, and efficient.

Services Provided:

  • Information Technology Subject Matter Expertise for Intellectual Property Marketing and Commercialization
  • Sales Assistance for Intellectual Property
  • Website Design
  • Content Management System Theme
  • Hosting Setup and Configuration
  • Subversion SCM setup and configuration
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