Announcing the great erlang:out event

The Northern Virginia Languages Group will be holding as its culmination of the Erlang Language the Great erlang:out Event. It will be a 9AM-6PM Hackfest (maybe longer) of Erlang project development. The project has not yet been decided and we will be learning as much as we can between now and the event date (tentatively September 20th, 2008) in preparation of building the next killer app for Erlang, assuming CouchDB, Facebook chat, and ejabberd are the existing killer apps. Stay tuned to join us and we might be looking for beer/pizza/etc sponsorships. This event will by no means be centralized (like Erlang itself) we will be doing remote commits and changes - more details to come either on the NoVA Languages Group Google Group (link above) and the Iterative Designs blog, which you are reading right now.

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