Fringed Out

I just got back from RubyFringe and it was without question the greatest conference I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I am sure you have seen the postings through the Internet, so I will try to not repeat the wild applause for the event. This is how I have always hoped conference would be and were always seriously let down. The entire weekend was an incredible blast of energy, excitement, and meticulously crafted perfection. My hat is off to unspace and the fringe community - I am honored and proud to be a member. I learned a lot about merb and other technologies that I have seriously wanted to just dig into, but never could find the time. I met a lot of awesome people, with awesome stories, and very cool projects. I think I started like 5 applications at this conference, hopefully I will finish one of them -- some day.

If they do this again and I very much hope they do, I will definitely be getting the tickets the day its announced, its the only conference I have been too that I came back feeling refreshed despite very little (read in no) sleep. The Ruby community and programming world in general is a much, much better place thanks to RubyFringe.

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