Northern Virginia Languages Community

There are two things we are all about at Iterative Designs, passion and community. As you can probably guess being a web development company, passion for programming is a critical aspect of our business. We love learning new languages because they help us see our world differently and sometimes are even useful in their own right. We got the great idea to not be selfish with this passion any longer and decided to set up a Google Groups and host (hopefully) weekly meetings to go through a chapter of a programming language book with a group of like minded and passionate individuals. The group, named NoVA Languages (ok so we admittedly suck at naming Google Groups), is currently open to followers. Join up if you are interested in joining our group and learning some cool languages - there is no commitment, but you will have to have your own computer -- its only a minor requirement to the industry ;). We hope to see a lot of people at the meetings and we will be sponsoring the first couple meetings. If you aren't local to Reston, VA, don't worry - we are working on a way to let you be involved though distant.

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