Datric DX - Agile Data Suite (DX-ADS)

Datric, a premier provider of expert data integration and collaboration solutions, utilized Iterative Designs services to construct their cutting-edge product suite for three dimensional integration model reconciliation and alignment known as DX-ADS. In one year, Iterative Designs and Datric were able to design, develop, and deploy the core integration tool based on understandable business needs and the real-life experiences provided by their years of consulting. DX-ADS is a huge revolution in the world of data transformation and translation, bringing the dream of universal data portability to reality for businesses that would otherwise be forced into years of tedious and error-prone migration.

DX-ADS was built entirely on the Ruby on Rails framework and utilizes a wide variety of technologies that has allowed Datric to have a full fledged, extensible product suite ready for sale in less time than they thought possible. Furthermore, through "ninja-like" Javascript, as they like to call it, Iterative Designs was able to create a rich interface experience for the application that would have been otherwise impossible. This application suite has been a huge success for Datric and Iterative Designs and stands as a testament to the capabilities of both companies.

Additional DX-ADS Information.

Services Provided:

  • Graphic Design
  • Application Iconography
  • Ruby on Rails Application Design and Development
  • Subversion SCM Configuration, Setup, and Maintenance
  • Web Application Security Evaluation and Analysis
  • Adobe Flex Information Visualizations
  • Rich Interface Creation with Javascript only (Drag and Drop, Configurable Docking Component, Live Search Component, etc)
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