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One of the things that we work very hard on is making sure that issues and ideas are recorded with as little effort as possible. While working with PatentMint, we determined that having alpha users log into our Lighthouse account had become a barrier to obtaining their ideas and issues. We needed an unobtrusive, but always available ticketing system that we could load for the application that would allow the users to quickly and easily provide their information. Thus the QuickTicket plugin was created so we could not only use it for this application, but for the other ones we have in the queue. Simultaneous to this, the ultra-hip GitHub was released, so naturally we were compelled to post it there. We have made the plugin as easy to install as we could, but left it such that you have to install the routes (one of those things that we felt over stepped our bounds).

In order to get it to work, make sure to check your environment.rb file and update the settings that have been added (Lighthouse account, token, project, and the enviornments that you want this plugin to show up in) . Recently we have made the plugin so that it could use either the default Rails provided Prototype/Scriptaculous combo or the recently hot JQuery libraries. We have made the style completely configurable as well.

Be sure to check the plugin out if you do any sort of UAT or alpha/beta testing (and who doesn't these days)

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