Craig Coyne

Craig Coyne was in the midst of a massive brand re-design to attract a wider audience, both young and old, for their jewelry sales. Craig Coyne utilized Iterative Designs for the entire the web effort of this brand roll-out during the Fall of 2006 and we were able to deliver the new site with e-commerce capability by in time for the holiday rush and the brand announcement.

The Craig Coyne site is built with Ruby on Rails, xHTML, and CSS. It makes extensive use of the effects and animation library to provide a rich interface experience without bandwidth or plug-in requirements. As part of this project, we integrated an e-commerce store for Craig Coyne and a weblog system for Sam, Jesse, and Michael to publish content for their site visitors.

Services Provided:

  • Custom Ruby on Rails Website Creation
  • Web Hosting Setup and Configuration
  • Virtual Private Network Setup and Configuration
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Configuration and Maintenance
  • E-Commerce Website for Online Sale of Jewelry
  • Corporate Email Accounts Setup
  • Electronic Mailer Integration
  • Rich Interface Creation with Javascript only
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