Temple Hill

Temple Hill is a New York based Rock and Roll band that was in search of something a little more their style than just a MySpace.com page. Working with their graphic designer, we were able to create a web site that empowers them to inform their audience about upcoming shows, events, and news. We integrated a flash-based music player that is nicely visually embedded into their site. They are currently working to land a full record label deal, with the web site as the core first impression for the band. If you get a chance, we highly recommend jumping over to their site, listening to their "good old fashioned catchy melodies, funky rock your ass off guitar licks, foot stompin' bass lines, and a beat that makes you wanna smack yer momma to a stage near you" vibe (as they put it), and if you want pick up a copy of their rockin' CD.

Services Provided:

  • Custom Website Construction
  • Web Hosting Setup and Configuration
  • Electronic Mailer System
  • Customized Flash Based Music Player
  • E-commerce Store and Account Setup - Utilizing Shopify
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