We Craft Dreams

Our business model is simple, do things that matter. Whether it is for our clients or for ourselves, we craft dreams and visions into reality. We have helped companies with their branding, Information Technology infrastructure, usability engineering, and rich internet applications. We specialize in taking the impossible and through iterative design and development growing your ideas into reality. We trust you will find out what our clients and our team have already learned; that through Iterative Designs anything is possible.

Recent Iterations



Through PatentMint, corporations commercialize their existing intellectual property through either liquidation, licensing, or IP venturing efforts. Manage multiple efforts from a single concise and dynamic interface. Leverage dynamic charts, prospectus reports, and customer relationship management to increase internal communication and visibility within your liquidation team.

Entra Health Systems

Entra Health Systems seeks to improve healthcare management through the application of technology. They provide a variety of services within the healthcare industry including patient services automation and chronic disease management. Entra Health Systems also has a Intellectual Property Marketing solutions branch that bridges the gap between inventor and the healthcare market. Iterative Designs has had the pleasure to work very intimately with Entra Health Sysetms on a wide spectrum of projects.

Datric DX - Agile Data Suite (DX-ADS)

Datric, a premier provider of expert data integration and collaboration solutions, utilized Iterative Designs services to construct their cutting edge three dimensional integration model reconciling and aligning suite of utilities known as DX-ADS. In one year, Iterative Designs and Datric were able to design, develop, and deploy a holistic integration tool based on understandable business needs and the real-life experiences provided by their years of consulting. DX-ADS is a huge revolution in the world of data transformation and translation, bringing the dream of universal data portability to reality for businesses that would otherwise be forced into years of tedious and error-prone migration.

Palos Verdes Class of 1968 Reunion

Iterative Designs designed, developed, and is currently hosting the web site for the 1968 graduating class from Palos Verdes High School, California. We donated our time, effort, and hosting for the site in order to make sure they would be able to distribute information, re-connect with former classmates, and hopefully grow the site through their 50th class reunion and beyond. The site includes a news article system, a protected re-connect area, and a human verification process to ensure that class members are indeed class members. This was the first site we had to scan images from a yearbook, oh the lessons we learned from that process.
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